SEPTIC: Waste Removal Services

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Fully Qualified To Get Your Job Done Safely.

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Rebel Heart’s management team has over 30 years of vacuum truck experience. We have taken our where-ever and when-ever attitude and applied it to our waste removal services. Our pumps provide superior suction to ensure you receive a much cleaner service.

Call us at 780.496.7604 to speak with an experienced service consultant and let us show you just how good we are.

Combine your Potable water and Septic services with Rebel Heart.

Now let the same friendly and experienced Rebel Heart team handle your septic and potable water needs. By combining water and septic services you can ensure peace of mind and ease of operation. Not only do you get the same anytime/anywhere premium service that Rebel Heart customers expect, you also get the same reliability and accountability that Rebel Heart guarantees.

Waste Removal Services

All Rebel Heart operators are fully qualified and possess all required certifications needed to get your job done safely.

We use the latest software to link our departments. This ensures that your service arrives on-time and that your bills are 100% accurate.

Following each septic removal, our drivers can conduct a quick pump-function test to ensure your system is working as expected.

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