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Water. Gravel. Septic.

RO Water

Reverse Osmosis water, or Demineralized Water, is the product of a water purification process that removes contaminants such as unwanted molecules, chemicals, bacteria, minerals, solid substances, and other impurities.

Our one cubic meter totes are delivered to your site ready to use and are ideal for smaller commercial applications, such as craft breweries or distilleries. We can provide you with a new pre-filled tote, or refill yours on-site. 24/7.


Potable and Fresh Water Trucks

We provide water hauling services which include Dust control, compaction, Fire Watch, hydro-testing, road flood testing, landscape watering, pool fills, and rink flooding. These types of jobs can be completed by any of our Tandem, Tridem, and/or Tanker Units available.

We provide servicing of holding tanks and wash cars at commercial and industrial properties near and far. We also provide water to cisterns, swimming pools, and hot tubs at private residences.


Gravel Trucks

Our gravel truck services includes aggregate delivery, demolitions, asphalt, drill cuttings, as well as removing clay and contaminated soil with varying types of dump trucks and trailers. All trucks are GPS equipped so we can provide you with the ability to monitor their routes to, from, and on your job site.


Septic Trucks

Rebel Heart’s management team has over 30 years of vacuum truck experience. We have taken our where-ever and when-ever attitude and applied it to our waste removal services. Our pumps provide superior suction to ensure you receive a much cleaner service.


Other Services

Snow Removal

This winter, call the company with the big heart; We’ll make sure you don’t get snowed-in.


Dust Control

Use Rebel Heart’s Dust Control Service for added safety and to reduce maintenance costs.



Fast and friendly residential service. 24/7. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Site Services

We have the equipment and experience to help keep your site running smoothly.


Commercial. Industrial. Residential.


We constantly strive to be on the cutting edge of technology.


Year-round, our equipment is available for all types of projects, and with equipment ranging all the way from tandem-axle floater water trucks to tractor and tanker trailer units, tandem gravel trucks to tractors and tridem end dumps, plus sanders and skid steers to front-end loaders, you can be sure we always have the tools on hand to get your job done effectively and efficiently.

Our operators are trained in Standard First Aid, H2S Alive, Hours of Service, Fatigue Management, PST, CSTS, PCST, WHMIS, and TDG. Drivers can also be equipped with iPads and Cloud technology to provide you with real-time logistical data from your job site.

We constantly strive to be on the cutting edge of technology: using AXON software to link our departments results in streamlined processes, ensuring your billing is accurate and timely.

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