Fall Cleaning Regimen

Aug 11, 2016 | Announcements

REBEL HEART provides quality cistern cleaning that Meets or Exceeds the Province of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code standards!

“Water in a cistern may not necessarily be clean and potable.”
– Alberta Health Services, on Cistern Cleaning, March 2011

Alberta Health Services advises that cistern water should be sampled SEMI-ANNUALLY for bacteriological quality – looking for high amounts of Coliform bacteria! Your cistern can be a breeding ground for harmful organisms, sediment and sludge build up, and you are also at risk of illness if any insects or small animals fall into your water supply throughout the year.

Click HERE for the Alberta Health Services full document on how to keep your cisterns clean, and thereby keep your family’s water supply safe and drinkable. (Please note, although the document does Not mention it, most residential cistern entry hatches are only 20 inches in diameter, meaning your cistern is classified as a Confined Space – without proper certification and personal protective equipment you should Never attempt to complete a cistern cleaning on your own)

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding your water quality, water safety, or cistern cleaning and we can provide you with a free, NO Obligation quote for your cistern.